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Březen 2018

The "guardian of a child" receives thanks

21. března 2018 v 8:30
  Tin shui wai sweet island school "night to help" in the past eight years place activities before the lunar New Year, every year through place market as a platform, let the students to open a belong to his own place booth, selling the products from different way to search to buy back. In addition to the use of knowledge, the school has also pushed students to fulfill their corporate responsibilities. This year, the company donated a total of more than 68,000 yuan to the charity organization "guardian of the children".
  Learn to give back to the community.
  There are 9 different departments in tianshui wai xiangdao "xiao gang", which is like a formal enterprise, which enables students to acquire the knowledge and experience of enterprises and business from the "practical" learning experience. The school also promotes the spirit of "social and social use" by teachers, students, alumni and parents.
  The "guardian of a child" receives thanks.
  Last year more than 43000 yuan will be place booth after profits donated to "WATOTO African children's choir", "night to help" again this year to donate the $68000 profit, benefit the guardians "lad" Kent luk, head of the early to the school to accept donations and expressing gratitude.
  Involved "night to help students to refer, activity not only is the way of business practice, more important is to learn to give back to society, and because the profit will be donated to charity, teachers and students, parents, and so on all pregnant? Enthusiasm and momentum in the lunar New Year's booth to sell, more people to fall in the warehouse to sleep? In order to raise more money, "this kind of solidarity, unrequited love, is the most valuable spirit we have learned in the" xiao gang ", and also the most precious experience. Hong Kong reporter gao yu.
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together with the shenzhou eagle

2. března 2018 v 10:19 | shenzhou eagle
Miao-shou rock, together with the shenzhou eagle, "hands on the home" to build a system of the kindergarten chain.
In a series of favorable conditions, such as encouraging nongovernmental forces to run schools, the second child policy dividend, and the education consumption upgrade, kindergartens have been a hot
business in recent years. At present, close to domestic listed kindergartens related companies have xiu strong shares, wei chuang shares, diligence shares, wei CAI education, etc. With the increasing
competition, intensive cultivation will be the main theme of the next stage of kindergarten development.
On January 25, 2018, in China the eagle return home to headquarters is located in xiamen, zhang tong home founder leaf Ren Qian with domestic early preschool education domain experts meow elder sister old
rock reached important strategic cooperation, in China the eagle formally announced at the meeting, will hand in hand to create chain system type assigned to the kindergarten. To provide the brand,
management and education professional services for nearly 100,000 kindergartens on the home platform of the shenzhou eagle.hepatitis B vaccine efficacy non-responders in Boosters may help increase coverage.
As the first brand in the field of domestic homestead, shenzhou eagle has nearly 100,000 private kindergartens, more than 80% of which are non-franchised. With the increase of education consumption and
competition, there is a huge demand for branding and standardization in the park.
Meow elder sister old rock successive domestic well-known preschool education group executives, took team developed the domestic first set of early education curriculum system, the dominant too many
preschool education group, the course system of research and development and standardization system, research and development of the curriculum system served nearly thousands of kindergarten and early
education institutions, is the domestic few on both ends of family education and preschool education institutions management are highly influential and experience of experts. Tencent education in 2017,
sina parenting, baidu baby know each big platform such as parents, "the most influential people" harvest "children of the most influential educator" and other awards, employed sina parenting early
preschool education research institute at the same time, to become the first domestic with Zhang Si lai experts such as selected 10 experts, and speak on behalf of the experts.
After more than a year of depth cooperation, China eagle zhang tong home with meow the elder sister old rock, combining the blockbuster launch type assigned to the kindergarten franchise chain system, the
existing market structure will completely change the childcare industry. Zhang tong home online traffic,Collaboration with Asia's Top Universities - PolyU fosters long-term partnership in academic and research collaboration with top universities in Asia. Most of them are the top 10 chinese universities and top ten universities in Asia. technical advantage and offline super service ability, meow elder sister team in the domestic
first-class ability of curriculum development and standardization of management ability, will be on the platform of zhang tong home tens of thousands of kindergarten great help, in the aspects such as
teaching system, management system, the qualifications (acteq system promoted, let more the kindergarten can more easily, more scientific management.

Education industry is the first

2. března 2018 v 4:13
Education industry is the first "brain science laboratory" to establish a good future to help the AI era education new change.
Artificial intelligence is coming, where will mankind go? On Jan. 25, in the good future of "ode to education 'wisdom' future", "AI + education" academic exchange meeting, good future formally announced
the formation of domestic teaching culture industry's first "brain science lab," through the brain to push "technology + education" academic research and product, practice of "promote the education of
science and technology progress" as the enterprise mission.The new polyu e admission portal is a one-stop platform aimed at handling applications of university degree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps.
Slurry sampling at the conference, the ministry of education, said some along with the rapid development of cutting-edge technology, such as brain science, education and industry will have greater
convergence space, will also bring more opportunities and challenges for the education industry. In the future, information technology will be a revolutionary influence on the education, the basis of
education science research and cross fusion, will help to accelerate the education informationization, and constantly promote education modernization education informatization development.
Good future CTO sophy, Stanford university computer science professor JamesA. Landay, Beijing normal university professor of state key laboratory of cognitive neuroscience and learning xin-lin zhou, head
of alibaba's artificial intelligence laboratory research and development center in Beijing, nie qing and other guests gathered again, from the brain science, artificial intelligence, and other fields to
explore science and technology can assign new trends and future direction of education.
At present, science and technology are developing rapidly, exceeding the speed of human self-cognition. Therefore, research on the laws of the countries around the world are brain intelligence is upgraded
to the height of national strategy, the European Union, the United States has started "the human brain project" and "brain science research plan" and other large scientific research project. China will
also launch a series of major brain science projects such as the China brain project. Better future in communication during the meeting, the CTO sophy, said the essence of education is to the brain
cultivation, good future as a company for exploration in the future, human learning way, "hope that through brain science research and feedback, to help students match the personalized learning content,
learning state, dynamic adjustment will be teaching art development for teaching science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and brain works in harmony, make science and technology to serve the
people, for the next generation more adaptable to the future society."Shenzhen Transpring Enterprise Ltd. is one of the leading Oil Vaping Pen and vaporizer (A3 Vape Cartridge etc) manufacturer and supplier in China. Over the years, we have been serving many customers from USA, ...
Good future chief technology officer, diem.
According to the introduction, the future of the brain science laboratory will be set up, hoping to explore students' learning motivation based on the large number of students' learning data. At the same
time, through the establishment of "brain science laboratory", a good future will be joined by universities and universities to gradually promote research in the field of brain science, and boost education
to release more potential energy. At present, there will be 4,000 technology, product and teaching r&d personnel in the future, and the number will exceed 10,000 in the next three years, including the AI
and brain science and development team of 500 people. Good at the same time, the future will also be set up by leading scientists worldwide research and good support 6 joint laboratory, and will be in the
overseas research and development center, established in 2018, the common power "+ education" of science and technology progress.
Good future brain science laboratory.
As an international well-known experts and good future head of the laboratory of brain science, brain science Yang Ying tells a reporter, brain science education will become important niche, all kinds of
business models and frontier is born. According to understand, good future will focus on brain science laboratory study from three aspects: the use of the objective monitoring of brain function, strengthen
the diagnosis, classroom observation, for long-term effective tracking human brain "learning" to lay a solid foundation; To study more targeted and accurate learning ability evaluation system; At the same
time, under the guidance of science, design the corresponding products to stimulate the brain's best learning state.
Professor zhou xinlin, a professor of cognitive neuroscience and national key laboratory at Beijing normal university, analyzed how brain science integrates with education to make the brain more
intelligent. Zhou xinlin hopes to give children the ability to solve problems creatively while improving their computing ability through semantic processing and speech processing. In the exchange of "brain
roundtable BBS" link, many experts and scholars in colleges and universities also said, neurology, brain interface such as frontier science and technology, brain science in the future will also get further
application in the field of education.
Stanford university professor JamesA Landay anda good future overseas lead consultant, Chen ding hong, and the venue for an overseas connection.
On the same day, the future also announced a strategic partnership with Stanford university to jointly build a more efficient education mode to stimulate the global education ecological potential. With the
rapid development of science and technology, "AI+ education" has become a new education mode, which will expand the coverage of high-quality education and enable more students to share high-quality
education. At the same time, "technological innovation" has gradually become the core driving force of education in the future. At home and abroad, education technology giants are actively seeking the
trans-boundary integration and innovation development of "education + technology".
This exchange led to a heated discussion of brain science and AI in education. The combination of brain science, AI and education not only attracts the good future of education enterprises, but also is an
important research direction of Chinese universities and brain science experts. In the future, all parties of education industry chain will also continuously promote the integration of advanced technology
and education, and jointly help China's education to enter a new stage of innovation, openness and integration.